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Vermin Control

A series of mild and wet winters are predominantly responsible for the large increase in the number of moles throughout the UK in recent years. Though moles live a solitary existence most of the year, they can cause several problems for landowners, damaging gardens and playing fields through digging and excessive tunnelling. When fully grown, the typical mole can excavate around 100 metres of tunnel each day.

Rabbit Control

Farmers and members of the agricultural community suffer great losses and disruption caused by Rabbits each year.  Whilst rabbit burrows are both unsightly and dangerous, the majority of damage from Rabbits is caused through the consumption of crops, plants and other vegetation.

Fox Control

An increasingly common sight in towns and villages, a large number of foxes take advantage of both the shelter and the food we provide.

Predominantly active at night, foxes can cause a nuisance in built-up, residential areas by scavenging through rubbish to find food as well as attacking garden pets and livestock.

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