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Rat Control

Along with many other types of pests, rats prefer to live around humans for easy access to food and shelter. With an ability to adapt and breed quickly, rat infestations can quickly grow in number and can escalate the damage caused to a property at an alarming rate.

Burrowing rats can significantly damage foundations, with electrical wire, gas and water pipes also susceptible to gnawing.  As rats often carry several diseases, they prove a risk by contaminating food and spreading harmful germs and diseases to humans and other animals.

If you have a rat problem, you should contact RB Pest Control immediately to assess the extent of the infestation before an effective treatment can be provided.

Mice Control

The dryness and warmth of residential dwellings are perfect conditions for mice. Tempted by readily accessible food, mice can carry several diseases and risk causing significant damage to properties through gnawing of floorboards, insulation and electrical cables. Producing 60 droppings each night and urinating frequently, mice can quickly contaminate food and food preparation areas, making them incredibly unhygienic.

Squirrel Control

Grey squirrels will gnaw through the majority of materials in search of food or nesting materials. Fire damage is also a risk as they have a tendency of gnawing through insulation and electrical cables. Though squirrels do not commonly carry diseases, they often carry fleas and can bite humans and other animals when they feel threatened.

For Friendly Advice Call RB Pest Control In Nottingham t: 01949 860 465  m: 07974 093 882 / 07919 402 148


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