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Bird Control

At RB Pest Control, we regularly carry out work for the removal, displacement and proofing of birds in residential, commercial and public grounds. Whether you have a large flock of pigeons or a smaller number of unwanted geese, our team of skilled pest control experts is here to help.

Pigeon Control

Often found in large numbers in towns and cities, pigeons usually perch and nest on any flat surface they can find such as building ledges, stone windowsills, steel rafting, archways and bridges. Whilst droppings and nest material can block guttering and drains, pigeon droppings are unsightly and contain acid that can severely damage buildings and paving through the corrosion of stonework.

Dead pigeons have also been found in uncovered water tanks which can contaminate the water supply and spread dangerous diseases which can affect humans.

Geese Control

Common on inland water and around the coast, geese can prove to be of an aggressive nature, especially towards human beings and other animals before quickly establishing a footing in a particular area near the water’s edge. 

Geese can cause several problems including:

  • Disruption & Excessive Noise From Their Cackle
  • Fouling In Public Areas & Parklands
  • Damage To Crops & Vegetation

For Friendly Advice Call RB Pest Control In Nottingham t: 01949 860 465  m: 07974 093 882 / 07919 402 148


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